Motivate Me

Motivation surrounds us (or the lack there of).  Birds of a feather flock together.  You are who you associate with.  You will unconsciously become who you hang around.

Surround yourself with powerful people.  Align yourself with people that can learn from.  People who want more out of life.  People that are stretching, searching, and seeking some higher ground in life.  -Les Brown

The company you keep will effect your motivation(positively or negatively).  My friend/guest blogger, Kenneth Moyer was just discussing this.  It’s the people that are closest to you that can cause you the most harm.  Friends and family can knock the wind out of your sail and not even realize it.  And to make matters worse, there’s someone who is even CLOSER to you than friends and family that can do you the MOST harm… yourself!  If you’re not 100% sold on what you’re capable of doing, then no one else will be either.  It starts with you.  It begins today.  Right now!  Fight or flight.  Les Brown also said, “The biggest enemy you have to deal with it yourself.”  If you can’t believe in yourself enough to get the job done, how do you expect others to believe in you?

This above all: to thine own self be true.

Above all, know yourself.  No one can limit how far you can take this.  Sure, people are going to hinder you.  Of course, others will knock you off balance.  Yes, it may not come at the exact moment that you want.  Stay on your designated path.  Use others lives as examples of what to do and what not to do (specifically those people surrounding you), but do not let them control you.  They’re living for themselves and you have to live for you.

You still have 9 years to make this your decade.  Don’t follow in the footsteps of the immobile.  Move forward, by patterning your life after the individuals that are doing what you’ve only dreamed.  Aim for the top.  “The bottom is full.”  It’s time for you to move out of that category.  There’s plenty of room at the top.  Write that book!  Make that video.  Get that degree.  Take that class.  Learn that trade.  Save that money.  Look at that… 3 words!  I’m on to something new 😉  Become Even Better.

Coming soon:  Be Encouraged.  Go Natural.  Stay Married.  Count Blessings.  Sleep More.

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