Google It

Google (as well as yahoo and bing) has become an essential part of survival.  In laymen’s terms, “It can help you not look stupid.”  I was recently in a district counselor meeting and a topic was mentioned that I knew NOTHING about! Everyone in the room seemed to know, but me.  I tried to read others faces to see if they could possibly be as perplexed as I, but to my knowledge I was the only idiot in the room (or they all had great poker faces).  I sat quietly and played it off for as long as I could, but the clock was ticking.  The time to reveal my true knowledge of this topic was near!  I said to myself, “Think, think, THINK!  What can I do?” Suddenly, I had an epiphany!  Google it!  I pulled out my phone, cranked up the search engine, and the answer presented itself.  With a smug grin spread across my face I appear intelligent once again ;).  Play smart, not hard.

Google has saved my life on so many different occasions.   When the GPS is taking forever to load, I just Google the address.  I’ve been locked out of the house and had to Google the local locksmith to get me in (what a nightmare that was).  I wanted to know when the next movie was playing, so I Googled the local movie theater.  I was in Boston for the 4th of July and wanted some ice cream so I Yelped the words ice cream.  More than likely Google would have sent me to Yelp, so I just went straight to the source for that one.  I’ll have to post about Yelp another time.  That’s a great place to find restaurants.  Thanks Jessica ;).  Google is internet version of 411 and so much more.  It has even become popular when trying to find some dirt on a potential girlfriend or boyfriend.  “Gurl, just Google him and see if something crazy comes up.”  You usually find what you’re looking for on the first page of your search.  That’s helpful when you’re running low on time.  Happy Googling!

What has Google done for you?

Have a great weekend.  I’ll see you on Twitter or see you here on Monday!

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