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The average amount of years a person stays at one job is 4.1, that means we would have between 7-10 different jobs in our lifetime (see more at  How do you feel about starting over?  Considering the current state of the economy, there have been several of us having no choice but to start over with new jobs.  Some positions have been work that we wanted and some have been employment just to make ends meet. Whatever the case may be, it’s a paycheck!  But what about finding your “dream” job?  What about CREATING your dream job?!?  Are you living your life or just earning a living?

Many of the celebrities that we admire had very humble beginnings.  Some of them were not born with a silver spoon.  I loved discovering the odd jobs that the celebs below began with.  I can relate.  I’ve worked for both, multi-million dollar super stores, Wal-Mart and Target.  I’ve worked in retail at Belk and J.Crew.  And that’s just a couple of the jobs I’ve had before going into the field of Mental Health.  All of them were GREAT experiences, that offered me a chance to grow with the company.  I was SERIOUSLY considering going into a management position with Wal-Mart.  That was my Plan “B”.  While I was studying Counseling at Virginia Tech, I had to have a plan “B”!

If you lost your job tomorrow, what would you do?  Would you flip burgers to pay the bills?  Would you clean toilets to put food on the table?  By no means am I mocking those jobs, they were just examples.  If you have a passion to do those things, be the BEST at what you love.  But if those aren’t your cup of tea, then you better be prepared to start over and do what you have to do while reaching for you goals.  There is nothing wrong with doing what you gotta do until you get where you want to be.  The problem is that many times we get comfortable where we are because we’re scared of rejection or scared of failing.  Soichiro Honda said, “Success is 99% failure.”  It’s never too late to try something new or to start over.

Take a look at these celebs life before fame:

Frank Sinatra was a boxer (Marty O’Brien)

Ronald Reagan was an Actor

Madonna worked at Dunkin Doughnuts

Hugh Jackman worked as a clown

Bill Cosby worked as a bartender

Brad Pitt wore a chicken suit for El Pollo Loco

Chris Rock worked at Red Lobster

Whoopi Goldberg was a funeral home cosmetician

Sharon Stone, Rachel McAdams, and Macy Gray worked at McDonald’s

For more before the fame celebrity jobs visit

It’s NEVER too late to start over or to begin chasing your passion.  Have any of you had to start over or deal with a job that you didn’t WANT to do, but HAD to do?  Talk to me.

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