Remembering Birthdays

“You are born.  You will die.  Life is about the dash between those two dates.”

Phillip G. Echols
(August 26, 1978 –                )

First of all, I’m terrible with remembering birthdays.  For example – I know that my dad’s birthday and Prince’s (The Artist) birthday are back to back.  One is on 6/6 and the other is on 6/7.  Last June, I enthusiastically called my day and said, “Happy Birthday, Chief!” and he responded quickly with, “It was yesterday.”  Needless to say, I got a chance to celebrate Prince Rogers Nelson’s birthday twice (smile).  I’ve got to become better at this.  This is what my blog is all about (becoming better).  I’m a work in progress.  This blog is like my journal.  If I had no followers, I’d still be plugging away at this website. It’s therapeutic for me.Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone that texted, emailed, called, or facebooked (sp) to wish me a Happy Birthday on Thursday.  I received some great gifts!  The gift that excited me most was the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (I’ll be blogging about the book very soon.  Thanks Sarah Park).  I read it in two days!So how can I become better at remembering birthdays?  I think I’ll keep a printed calendar that I’ll physically write birthdays in.  That way I’ll have a HARD COPY that I’ll keep forever (as long as I don’t misplace it).  Facebook is good about reminding me, but if I don’t log in I might miss the birthday.  I have an Android phone that has an excellent calendar, but my phone recently messed up and I hadn’t backed up the dates.  Maybe I did back it up, but I don’t know where to find it.  This new technology is great, but you can’t beat an old school calendar.Your born day is very important.  Taking into consideration how good it felt to be remembered on my birthday, I’m going to become better at keeping track of all the important birthdays in my life.  What do you do to remember important birthdays?  The floor is open for comments.  Help us out.

P.S.  If I missed you this year, H@ppY B!r+Hd@y!!!

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