Play Smart

“Play smart, not hard.”

This weekend I attended a fraternity conference in Norfolk, VA.  The conference was held at the Norfolk Marriott.  The hotel was very nice, but Norfolk figuratively stinks.  Parking in the city seemed limited and the Marriott hotel charged $29 to valet your car.  So, I say to myself, “Self, there’s NO way I’m going to pay that!”  So I parked in a metered space, 50 yards from the hotel.  I was PRAYING that the meters were free on Saturdays.  I heard recently that God will answer prayers with one of three answers, Yes, No, or Maybe.  Today, for me, God answered my prayer with a straight up, “No.”  The rate was $0.35 per 15 minutes!  How odd is that?  Is that typical?  Someone fill me in.  Not wanting to be any later than I already was, I fed the meter 8 quarters and walked into the conference.  All in all, I end up feeding the meter $10 throughout the course of the day.  I’m sure you’re thinking, “$10 ain’t bad.”  Well the meter could only be reserved for two hours at a time.  Every hour and a half I ended up running outside, missing important pieces of the conference to feed the meter.  I ran out of cash and had to seek money from the ever so convenient ATM in the Marriott lobby.  In doing that, I was hit with a ridiculous $3.25 service fee!!!!  Sorry to use so many exclamation points, but they are definitely warranted!  It’s either exclamation points or curse words (I’m trying to watch my language).

To make a long story short, as I was walking back to the hotel from feeding the meter for the final time, my frat brother drove by and shouted from his car window, “YOU SHOULD JUST PARK IN THE DECK.”  As he passed through the traffic light, he pointed back to a huge neon sign that was advertising a $1 per hour parking deck rate that was directly across the street from where the conference was taking place…

“Play smart, not hard.”

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