Burn Candles

When’s the last time your bedroom looked like this?  Or your bathroom looked like this?  Or your living room had a row of these?  Aromatherapy at its finest.  😉 This bedroom screams, “ROMANCE!”  Don’t stop doing all the things you did to win his/her love in the first place.  2 Words:  Remain Consistent.  Sorry… I’m very scatterbrained.  So you say you need to relax?  Start your Saturday evening off with natural light (not the beer) and welcome the night with some candle light.  No electrical lights all day!  There aren’t too many things more romantic than a lazy candlelit weekend, after a long week of hard work.  Candles are NEVER a bad investment.  I’ve been using the same bag of tea candles since 2006.  Leave a couple by the tub.  Keep a few I the den.  He11, I have some in my pocket right now (lol)!  You never know when you could use the ambiance.Since the beginning of time, candles have been used in meaningful ceremonies, rituals, and healing sessions.  They can help with meditation, relieve stress, help you sleep, and help you relax.  Candles definitely add a tranquil touch to any occasion.  The light bulb wasn’t officially invented until 1879, so it has only been 131 years since fire/candles were the main method of vision in darkness. 

Embrace the dark-age while saving a little energy.  Rekindle that flame in your relationship.  Take care of yourself by relaxing this weekend.  Celebrate with candles.  As a matter of fact, I’ll give you a sneak preview of what my wedding day is going to look like (See photo below) J.  Have an amazing weekend.  See you on Monday.

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