Find Purpose

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”  –John F. KennedyPicture

Sunrise in the clouds while flying from RDU – CLT
I love to fly!  At times I feel as though I’m addicted to flying.  I always request a window seat so I can attempt to see buildings that I recognize as North Carolina fades away (see images below).  I know I will return, but it feels like I’m leaving it all behind and things will never be the same.  I suppose things won’t be the same because I’ll be a different person from the exposure of my trip.  I know that once my plane reaches its destination, I’ll be in for a new adventure.

When I was flying to Seattle about a month ago I had a layover in Minnesota.  I was traveling there to run in the Seattle Half Marathon.  I had to switch planes to fly into Seattle, WA.  I thought to myself…

“What if I were on the wrong plane?”
“What if I didn’t know where this plane was going?”
“Could I get off once the plane was in the air?”
“What would happen if I missed my half marathon?”

Thank goodness, I was on the correct plane.  When relating life to flight, would you sit comfortably on a plane that you didn’t know where it was headed?  Is your life headed in a direction that is parallel with your purpose?  If not, is it too late to change your course? The answer is, “No, it’s not too late”.  But first and foremost, what is your purpose? Thousands of people (if not more) are moving without a purpose.  And on the flip side there are tons of people that have a destination (a goal) in mind, but are on the wrong flight pattern.  We must move with purpose.  You shouldn’t be aimlessly pressing forward.  If you don’t know your destination/goal you need a compass.  Get a clue or a GPS.  Find your purpose and begin taking steps in the right direction.  Every life has purpose.  You may not have discovered your place or your passion, but you must be steadfast in your search for YOUR purpose.

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